Tired of the tedious process of sorting out and writing reports?

The original reports (i.e. from Nessus or Nexpose) tend not to meet local requirements, which usually takes IT staff lots of time to manually sort out. However, Key-Reporter is able to be connected with the international scanning tools, i.e. Nessus or Nexpose, and can automatically produce Excel and Word reports within a short time (10 minutes) that meet your requirement. By leaving out the time of manually sorting, your company can eradicate the vulnerabilities in time and efficiently prohibit hackers from invading.

1.Vulnerability Assessment
2.Reports Sorting
3.Vulnerability Remediation
  • only10minutes
  • efficient production, effective protection

  • at least3weeks
  • time-consuming process, risk exposure

Our Clients

Government Agencies

Facing with the increasing number of information security threats, Key-Wisdom provides multiple professional services and produce the reports within a short time, which can efficiently protect sensitive information from leaking.

Financial Corporations

With the rapid development of digital economy, a huge amount of hosts and web services are in need of Vulnerability Assessment. Key-Wisdom is able to rapidly generate departmental reports and cut down the time and human costs.


Targeting at the school website and system, we provide Vulnerability Assessment service, which can protect student credentials from leaking. Additionally, with visual dashboard representing the result of vulnerability assessment, it is no longer difficult to understand the overall vulnerability trend.


With the development 5G technology, everything can be connected to one another. Once the exploitable vulnerability exists in the system, the consequence is hard to measure and be complemented afterwards. Therefore, Key-Wisdom provides many services, such as penetration testing and vulnerability assessment in order to make sure a safe system.


Whichever the industry is, Key-Wisdom can always provide you suitable services and products. We always remind ourselves to view things from customers’ perspective and satisfy your requirements.

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